Freeway contains 35 images including two vellum end sheets and the back cover, in an 8 1/2×11 format of 40 pages. The images are largely taken from 4×5 black-and-white negatives shot from 1948 to 1952 during the period of construction. The front vellum reproduces the proposed Hollywood freeway in 1944 and the back vellum is a 35 mm Kodachrome taken by Dick in 1958.

There is an editor’s preface, a foreword by Richard C. Miller and an Introduction by Judith Freeman.

1-FrontCoverNeutral.jpg10-No Lake St 11-30-48.jpg11-11-30-48.jpg12-2-12-50.jpg13-E from Belmont St 11-30-48.jpg14-West  Rosemont 2-12-50.jpg15-West  Benton 2-12-50.jpg16-W from Vermont 2-12-50.jpg17-4 1949.jpg18-W  Occidental 11-30-48.jpg19-E Hillhurst 2-12-50.jpg2-FrontEndSheet_VELLUM.jpg20-E from Vermont 2-12-50.jpg21-E towards Bridge over Hillhurst 11-30-48.jpg22-W Towards Fig 11-30-48.jpg23-W  N Lake St. 11-30-48.jpg24-W  Hillhurst 11-30-48.jpg25-E  Silver Lake) 2-29-50.jpg26-East  Rosemont 2-12-50.jpg27-4 level 2-12-50.jpg28-4 level 1949.jpg29-4 level 1949.jpg3-Cahuenga 6 5-53.jpg30-4 level 2-12-50.jpg31-4 level 1949.jpg33-4 level 1949.jpg34-4 level 1949.jpg35-4 level 1949.jpg36-ListImages_Palms.jpg37-BackEndSheet_VELLUM.jpg38-BackCoverNeutral.jpg4-Cahuenga4 5-53.jpg5-Cahuenga from Whitley Terrace 5-53.jpg6-Franklin & Vine1 EB-11-07.jpg7-West toward Silverlake 1948.jpg8-1949.jpg9-Cahuenga 5 5-53.jpg