Women in Hats

Most of the images in Women in Hats were taken in the manner of high fashion, usually in a studio, although a handful were taken outdoors in less formal types of hats, and there are several that border on being puns on the genre. These images are mostly from the 1940’s.

Dick used a large variety of cameras; a 4×5 Graflex, a 4×5 view camera, a 5×7 view camera, 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and 5×7 one-shot cameras, which were used to make color images from three black and white negatives, various 35mms, and now and then an 8 x 10.

He also used a variety of meda; color and black & white negatives, Ektachrome only ocasionally because it had a tendency to fade, and when Kodachrome vecame widely available he used it in a variety of formats.

Although he did a great deal of work in black & white, this collection is focused on the astonich color images that remain as fresh as if he had taken them yesterday.

Dick genuinely liked the people he photographed. We hope you have as much fun looking at these images as Dick had making them.

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5    Introduction

7    Blue Hat, Cyan & Red Feathers, Gloves, Net, Brown Background. Betty McWilliams, 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-16-44, #1

9    Blue Fur Hat, Fur Coat, Purple Background. Betty McWilliams , 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-16-44, #3

11  Red Hat, Umbrella, Palm Up, Rickie Van Duesen, 5×7 Kodachrome, 06-11-44, #1

13 White Hat, Tea Cup, Red Background, Ursula McGowan, 5×7 Film One-Shot, 11-12-41, #1

15 Yellow Hat, Purple Gloves, 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-16-44, #9

17 Red Hat, Lady & Macaw, “Such Language,” Ursula McGowan, 5×7 Glass One-Shot, 01-02-42

19 Gray Fur Hat, Gray Fur Stole, Blue Jacket, Green Background , 5×7 Kodachrome, 01-14-47

21 Mantilla, Victoria Flynn, 5×7 Film One-Shot, 09-18-43

23 Red Hat, Straight Smile, Rickie Van Duesen, “Mildred Korrman,” 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-14-44, #2

25 Flower Hat, Purple Background , 5×7 Kodachrome, 06-31-46

26 Purple Hat, Red Feather, Red Jacket, Elyse Knox, 5×7 Kodachrome, 02-03-47

27 Woman In Fruit Hat & Yellow DeSoto, 3¼x4¼ Lero Glass One-Shot, 1941

29 Blue Hat, Blue Blouse, Red Hair, Purple Background. Betty McWilliams, 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-16-44, #4

30 Purple Hat, Profile, “Dudsie,” Margaret Miller, 2¼x3¼ Kodachrome, 1945

31 White Sweater, White Hat, “Dudsie,” Margaret Miller, 3¼x4¼ Lero Glass One-Shot, 09-26-39

32 Dead Bird Hat, Funny Face, Luva Belle, 4×5 Kodachrome, 04-22-46, #1

33 Black Hat, Veil, “Dudsie,” Margaret Miller, 5×7 Film One-Shot, 08-12-43, #8

35 Red Hat, Plaid Shirt, Baiting Hook, Norma Jeane Dougherty, 4×5 Kodachrome, 1946

37 Purple Hat, Tilted Head, No Smile, Riki Van Deusen, 5×7 Kodachrome, 05-14-44, #9