Norma Jeane Portfolio


Norma Jeane

A Portfolio of Photographs by

Richard C. Miller


Introduction by

Michael Andrews

 Limited Edition of 50 copies of 17×22 prints.


The Norma Jeane  portfolio contains twelve 17×22 signed digital color prints. It includes:

  • Eight 17×22 pages of text, including introduction and notes, a centerfold of 35 images, plus 2 images on the title and colophon pages.
  • Twelve interleaves which contain reproductions of Model Releases and Richard C. Miller’s business card. In addition, the interleaves incorporate 17 images.

The entire project presents 68 distinct artifacts comprised of

  • 62 photographs
  • 2 items of text
  • 4 model releases

This 17×22 edition is hand bound and numbered.

Each of the 12 prints is signed by the photographer.

This edition is limited  to no more than 50 numbered copies, plus 6 lettered artist proofs.

The prints and text were printed with pigment inks on an archival, non-brightened rag paper.





Portfolio Sheets, Centerfold Images, Title Colophon Images

Portfolio Case